2nd Ave bike lane traffic lights are useless

The 2nd Ave bike lane in Seattle has special lights at every intersection. When the bike lane has a green light, the left turn lane always has a red arrow. But many drivers just turn left on a red arrow anyway. This is two blocks north of where Sher Kung was killed by a truck turning left without looking a few years ago.


The traffic lights were added shortly after Sher Kung was killed in an “attempt” to make the bike lane safer. But 2nd Ave bike lane (especially south bound) is still incredibly dangerous and you’re much better off just taking the lane, which I normally do. I didn’t today due to traffic blocking me.

There’s usually a cop standing near this intersection, but I don’t think he’s there to enforce traffic laws. His presence is associated with the construction site at the intersection, but I’m not sure what exactly he’s there for. He obviously saw the whole incident, but didn’t seem to care. I’d appreciate if he’d at least watch for people turning left on a red arrow and yell at them to knock it off.

Post time: 05-09-2017