Automatic Night Light Street Light Using 6v Solar Panel With Simple Schematic Circuit Diagram

Project no.9 Dark Sensor or Light Sensor or Automatic Street Light With Simple Schematic Circuit Diagram

This circuit is responsible for lighting a bulb, when it receives light and turns off automatically when it is dark, like street lighting lamps.
I make this Automatic Night Light to show you how Simple it is, and how it effectively works, Unlike the other Circuits they Need a Separate Supply to Work, but in this Project just Count on the Mini Solar Panel and it will do the Work

It only uses Two Components: 6volts Relay and a 6volts Solar Panel, When Sun Hits the Panel It Will Powered the Relay So when the Sun goes Down the Solar Panel will not Produce any Energy, That means No one Will Powered the Relay. In that Case we can use this circuit as Automatic Night light.
This is a Alternate for a light Sensor or LDR.

Post time: 08-25-2017