Brand new LED street light out ALREADY!

As you know all street lights in Renfrewshire are being changed to LED & MANY of them have ALREADY been done.

Now, I was out a walk along Paisley Road in Renfrew with my sister’s dog & noticed that MANY of the street lights you can see at either side of the street have BEEN changed to the new LED technology & some othere HAVEN’T.

Now I’d say these aluminium lighting POLES (columns) are probably no MORE than 9 years-old unlike older ones which result in issues with some of the NEW LED lights ceasing to work.

Because these lighting columns are relatively new I would expect NEW lights ATTATCHED to the TOP of them to work without FAULTS!

& yet aluminium lighting column R55 on Paisley Road in Renfrew has ceased to work & that’s even with a brand new LED lamp just being installed earlier on TODAY!

Renfrewshire Council, we pay our COUNCIL tax & all we want YOU to do is to make sure EVERY street light WORKS!

Is that too much to ASK?

Post time: 04-23-2017