Colorful Crayons ‘Traffic Lights’ | Cartoons For Children | Cartoon Candy | Ep #21

Watch the Best Cartoons For Children By Cartoon Candy – ‘Colorful Crayons! In this Episode #21 ‘Traffic Lights’ Our cute Fairies learns all traffic rules, How Colors can be used to set rules in Traffic Example : Red Light to Stop, Green Light to Go and Yellow Light to Wait.

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About Colorful Crayons :-
In a deep night when people are asleep, marvelous stories of five fairy friends unfold in the fairy town inside a pop-up picture book Mischievous Crayon, gaseous Dinging, adventurous Funny, cooking Seed and charming Pow embark on exciting adventures about colors and much more!

This series helps in the stimulus of imagination, introduce an educational theme which infants can recognize and learn as they grow, elevate a general understanding of colors and initiate an interest in colors as well

Post time: 08-26-2017