DIY Off Grid Solar: How And Where To Mount Solar Panels

Fortunately for us preppers, if the grid should ever go down we can generate our own electricity. Join us in PART 3 of the series, as we answer every question you would have in creating your own DIY off grid / grid down solar back up system. In part 3 we talk about things to consider when mounting your solar panels. Missed part 1? Check it out here:

Things Discussed in this video:
Solar Angle Calculator:

Unistrut at Home Depot:

Gate Strap (hinge):

The Tin Hat Ranch worked with Renogy on our off grid solar system:

Download a schematic of our entire system here:

Renogy Tilt Mount Bracket:

Other Important Information to the Series:

The Kill-A-Watt meter for measuring your consumption-

Schematic of the Tin Hat Ranch 400 Watt Renogy System-

Renogy 400 Watt Premium Solar Kit

Renogy 1000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter:

Solar Assessment Worksheet-


Post time: 08-27-2017