Electrical : Old garden solar lights teardown.

For this vid, let’s take a look at some old garden solar lights which have failed.

Upon opening them up carefully, it can be found that there are batteries in them…. rechargeable ones!

Those can be salvaged and reused. That’s if of course, they recharge AND hold their charge in order to be usable!

Next up, the wires in there. Let’s snip those out. Those may be useful for a little hack project I have coming up, and I will need little thin wires like that.

I generally don’t do puny thin wires like this, hence my currently having none, so these salvaged ones might just be long enough to pull-off the hack job which I have planned.

The circuit boards?

Well, I initially thought that these solar lights had packed up because of opaqued solar panels….

Well, maybe they did, but then, not only are the panels knakered, but water has ingressed into the fitting and wrecked the circuit boards as well, so that’s the end of those then!

A bit later on, I will recharge the batteries and see if they are useful. If so, then it is onwards with the little hack project!

Thanks for watching, peoples.


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Post time: 05-18-2017