everexceed solar street light system

All-in-One Solar Street Light
All-in-one (integration) design is a new solution for the outdoor lights, since more and more people want to use a high quality but simple solar product to saving the energy now. This kind of light put solar panel, LED lamp, battery, controller, and motion sensor all in one kit, so each light is a stand-alone solar system. When people receive the lights, the only thing they need to do is screw the light on the pole, then it can work automatically Lowest cost and least trouble for the delivery and installation made it well accepted by the market. No doubt that all in one design will be the trend of low power solar products in the future.
• Integration design to put all parts in one kit;
• Without other accessories, no trouble about wiring and debugging;
• Modular design for easy to ship, install and maintain;
• Using solar power, environment friendly and no monthly electric bills;
• High capacity lithium battery, intelligent charging to prolong battery’s service life;
• High efficiency solar panel with more than 25 years life span;
• High brightness BRIDGELUX LED chip from USA;
• Human motion sensor achieves smart lighting control to saving energy;
• Waterproof design, 12v low voltage circuit, safe and reliable;
• Good quality, no scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years.

Post time: 04-21-2017