Finding the right type of fire exit signs

Fire exit signs are very important in any building. The fire exit signs, fire extinguishers and fire escapes are very significant when it comes to the safety of a building and its occupants. There are many choices to select from and it will depend on the kind of building you have and the funds available. Some of the fire exit signs include:

Glow in the dark fire exit signs
They are more popular as they are considered to be very reliable. The design on these signs uses stronger materials and they appear brighter while saving on energy at the same time. This will ensure that the light remains visible to those who use the building at all times.

Illuminated Exit Signs
These signs save on your power bill even when they remain lit throughout the day and at night. They use the same technology that is applied in traffic lights. They use about a tenth of the power a normal bulb would use and they take longer before they need replacement. This comes in handy when you have many areas that need to have the fire exit signs in a building.

Indoor fire exit signs
Indoor fire exit signs are crucial to prevent situations where corridors are full of smoke making the sign invisible.  They are visible even when the air is filled with smoke. They are designed to withstand all kinds of disturbances and still give you constant performance. These indoor signs can save lives in those dangerous fire situations.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) fire exit signs
Light emitting diodes (LEDs) have taken over the filament bulbs. They are some of the most long-lasting signs lasting for up to 100,000 hours. These fire exit signs do not die like other types since they gradually fade over time and this alerts you that they need to be changed. They are designed to withstand a lot of shock and will not extinguish in case of a crisis.

Lighted fire exit signs
These signs come with battery packs that are long-lasting that light the sign when there is any kind of interruption. They are good for backup incase there are power outages in a building.

Luminescent fire exit Signs
These fire exit signs do not make use of the building’s power grid. They use their own power. This is a reliable option incase of fire because the power supply can be interrupted by the fire. They use panels that are chemically treated to provide light for many years without the need of any repair or replacement.

Outdoor fire exit signs
These are important signs that people often overlook. They can help to direct people to the street and other designated gathering areas during a fire. They are designed to work even during heavy rains. They are also visible at any time of the day or night in whatever kind of weather. Most of them have enclosed wiring that is shielded and composites made of aluminum and steel.

Post time: 04-10-2017