GDEALER 72ft White Solar Powered Waterproof Outdoor String Lights: Christmas, Garden, Party

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My Written Review
These lights are awesome. With 72 feet of length you can use these to cover a large area and do various things with them. You can use these as decorations for parties, Christmas or you can use them on a daily basis in your yard or garden. I love the long shape of the light bulb area and because of the way they lace around these look awesome in bushes. Because of their long length they would also be perfect for lining the entire length of the roof of my back patio. You could also hang these in trees or line the trim or walkway around your garden. Because they are solar powered you can use these in the middle of the yard and you don’t have to worry about plugging them in. These give a beautiful fairy light look that can twinkle and sparkle.

Why Solar Powered String Lights are the Best for Your Outdoor Lights
These have two modes: on and off. You can completely power there off by pressing that switch. When they are in the on position, they will automatically power on at dusk (when the sun stops hitting your solar panel) and turn themselves off at dawn. These are incredibly low maintenance- just hang them or lay them where you want them and they take care of themselves. A couple hours of sunlight will power them through the entire night- including on overcast days. You don’t need to pay for the electricity to power them and are smartly harnessing the power of the sun so they are very energy efficient. You also are not limited to where you can place these based off of where your power outlets are and you don’t have to worry about running an extension cord.

The lights are attached to your solar panel box. You can mount this box or attach it to the stake and press in the ground. The head of the solar panel can be tilted in all different angles, depending on where your lighting is best. On the back of the solar panel are two buttons: the on/off button and the mode button. You can switch between blinking modes with these. You can have a solid light color or you can choose from a selection of blinking patterns.

These make awesome Christmas lights or decorative lights for your garden any time of the year. I plan to use mine all year round! They are so pretty and my young daughter calls them fairy lights and we make up stories about how fairies will come and play in our garden when these lights come on. They offer a romantic, whimsical scene that is lovely for your summer garden parties as well as lighting up your yard/porch/garden all year! Awesome light set- I couldn’t ask for anything more from these. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.

Post time: 08-20-2017