GoalZero Nomad 13 Solar Panel Product Review

This is a product review of the GoalZero Nomad 13 Solar Panel.
GoalZero is known for it’s solar panels and battery, the Nomad 13 is one of their most popular portable solar panel line up. This model is rated 13 watts power and the solar panel has a unique mesh pouch that house a power modules which is composed of 4 connectors where you can power various Goal Zero products :
1. GoalZero Guide 10 (smaller battery charger i.e. AA, AAA).
2. GoalZero’s Sherpa 50 of Sherpa 100 power bank.
3. Daisy chaining to another nomad 13 panels
4. Smart phones, tablet’s or 3rd party battery bank via USB connector,

Here I shared with you my unbiased review of the product; my likes and dislikes on the solar panel based on my own usage. If you enjoyed my review or have any comments please feel to share them with me. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

If you are interested purchasing the Nomad 13, you can visit the link below at Amazon.


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Post time: 04-11-2017