Goldpower 400w Dc 24v Wind/solar Hybrid Charge Controller

For Dc output wind turbinethe advanced wind/solar hybrid controller is specially designed for or high-end small-scale and especially suitable for street light monitoring can or and panel at the same time and transform the wind&solar energy into electricity for the Dc load use, with excess stored batteries.
Performance Features:Superior military-grade components to ensure the product stability.Perfect protection function, thus the has higher reliability.Check and set all operation parameters as requirement from Lcd display.Voltage limiting and current-limiting charge mode, ensures battery in the best charging status.Two Dc output, light-control, time-control, constant and multiple selection.Pwm stepless unload which burn the power dump load, making the in of quality aluminum alloy appearance, with size and good cooling effect.European Ce certification.technical Parameters:model:sg-wcl40024rated Voltage:24vrated Power:400wwind Maximum Input Power:600wrated Power:300wdumpload Start Voltage(factory default):27vcharge Shutoff default):29vwind Brake Current:17abattery Over Discharge Voltage:21.6vbattery Recovery Voltage:24voutput Protection:32vdisplay Parameters:wind Power, Voltage, Current, Pv Pv Pv Voltage,over Under Load.

Post time: 09-10-2017