Got Scrap Metal? Memphis Has a Solution for You

I have always been a bit skeptical about how scrap metal companies deal with scrap metal. It is common knowledge that the scrap metal that is collected is melted down by smelters and reused or resold to build other things. However not all metal can be safely melted, and some of their chemical compositions can change with excess heat, in come case making the resulting metal extremely harmful. Some types of metal also contain traces of radioactive elements, which break free from the metal when heated. Needless to say, exposure to this is extremely harmful.

My intension is not to scare you with this bit of information. It is highly unlikely that there are radioactive elements in your beer can or in your tinned tuna. However, it is always good to be informed about the possibilities of certain types of scrap metal being harmful, especially if you are passionate about recycling and keeping our lovely earth as green as possible. 

Most of us are generally at loss about what to do with our scrap metal. You can only make so many soda-can pencil stands. We toss our used cans and other scrap metal into the recycling bin in the hope that the city’s recycling system will take the necessary measures to safely recycle the scrap. But what about larger waste that comes from railways, vehicles wrecks and electronic equipment?

Along with collecting scrap metal from you, Sims Metal Management in Memphis also acts as a scrap metal dealer, processor and packer. So if you have recently taken on a challenging project and are looking to buy scrap metal, this has recycling center has heaps of scrap metal for you. Not sold on Sims yet? Maybe this will help: Sims scrap yard in Memphis provides complementary barge loading/receiving, container loading, overseas container loading, rail car loading and truck loading.

But what makes Sims so reliable?

For one, Sims has top notch equipment like torch cutters, shredders, mobile shears etc. Each and every piece of equipment is well up to date with safety standards. They also have a very strict safety policy that requires visitors to wear safety gear (PPE) at all times. Don’t worry you don’t have to bring your own; this gear is available at all Sims locations.

Every scrap yard (including the one at Memphis) is equipped with a wet car detox station meaning that any toxic elements in a scrap car are safely neutralized in highly controlled conditions before the car is processed.

Sims Metal Management has spent years building a solid reputation and has become the “go to” company for anyone looking to sell scrap metal. Try for more information on recycling companies.      

Post time: 08-29-2017