Hell As Performed By Streetlight Manifesto

we know, we know, we’ve been playing it live for years, you wanted an unheard streetlight cover. all in good time, people. this is how we build the suspense. really, that’s how it’s done.

this is “hell”, originally by the squirrel nut zippers, here being rocked out by yours truly, streetlight manifesto.

also, excuse the song being cut off at the end there, we just want to make sure that once the songs are ripped onto everyone’s i-gizmos, it’s a high quality version, not this youtube compressed garbage.

FOR THE FULL SONG, IN HIGH QUALITY MP3, HEAD ON OVER TO http://www.pentimentomusic.com

the record, the first in a series of cover records by a few different groups, is called “99 songs of revolution”. volume 1, by streetlight manifesto, comes out on march 16th, 2010.

to preorder the cd or the vinyl for the low, low introductory price of $10 (plus free “99sor” poster!), head on over to http://www.theriscstore.com . the album ships a day or two before march 16th. indeed!

Post time: 05-11-2017