Home Made Solar Wind Power on a Budget

The energy crunch is a real worldwide crisis as fossil fuel supplies decrease and populations increase. Utility costs are going up in pace with the increasing demand for electricity. It’s no wonder that the alternative energy arena is a quickly growing market with millions of dollars invested every year. And of these great clean renewable energy sources, wind and solar power show the most promise.

What is really exciting is the realization of the incredibly high level of abundance of energy that is radiated by the sun. The amount is actually quite unfathomable. Studies have shown that the amount of energy received from the earth by the sun in just one hour is enough to satisfy the entire world’s electricity demand for an entire year! It really puts in perspective the grandeur of this almost endless source of energy.

When you think about it, the sun is really the source of all life on the planet as well as the driving force for all the weather patterns on earth. It is also the driving force behind every web of life and all of the earth’s cycles. This leads us to the other nearly endless abundant source of energy: Wind.

As long as the earth spins on its axis and the sun radiates upon it, weather patterns and the winds that are produced will always occur. Weather patterns consist of the complex and often chaotic relationship between water, the sun’s energy, and the cooling and heating of air masses throughout the atmosphere. It’s a constant interaction and clashing of cool (low pressure) air masses and hot (high pressure) air masses with water molecules usually in vapor or condensed states. It’s a very complex dance, but the result in many parts of the world is constant wind. One of the many places where winds blow constantly is the Great Plains region of North America, from northern Texas all the way to Canada.

Constant winds and the very simple yet efficient technology of wind turbines lead to a very clean and renewable source of electricity. Once again, the abundance of the source of energy is so great that it is difficult to put it in perspective. A study by Stanford University in 2005 showed that there is enough wind energy worldwide to satisfy 7 times the global demand. And that’s if only 20% of all the wind is captured!

So why is it that the human beings on the planet have not collectively headed toward using solar wind energy to meet global demands on a large scale and fully replace fossil fuels? Why haven’t large energy corporations and all governments invested trillions in wind and solar power by now? We all have a pretty good idea why, but that’s a whole other article. The purpose of this article is to inspire a call to action for solar and wind power, and to inform the reader that the revolution toward renewable energy starts with you the individual! How you may ask? By making your own solar wind home energy system.

Making your own solar wind energy system is totally doable today in a very cost effective way. Home solar power systems these days can run between $20 and $50 thousand depending on capacity. But there is a resource where you can learn how to make your own photovoltaic panels and your own wind turbines for under $200. If you are interested or inspired to supplement your electricity and cut down costs, you have to check out Michael Harvey’s manual for generating your own electricity. Remember the massive abundance of these energy sources, and you’ll be inspired to help yourself and the earth as well.

Post time: 05-09-2017