Home Solar: What You Need to Know

What´s more, solar power is a cost effective means of generating electricity and you could even score yourself a lower electric bill each month. Take a look at the following facts about solar power so you can make the best solar choice for your home.

Solar panels are also called photovoltaic cells and they are installed on the roof of your property where they work to turn the power of the sun into usable electricity. Solar power has been around for centuries but it is only recently that the technology has been developed to make this a viable form of power for the average home. Solar PV panels convert the energy given by the sun into a form of power that can be safely used in the home, via an inverter. When the sun is shining and the panels are generating energy you use this power when you turn on your kettle or switch on a light. When the panels are not working – i.e. at night – the energy you use in the home comes from the standard source; the national grid.

The UK may not have the sunniest climate but that doesn´t mean you can´t generate power from the sun. In fact, the UK is an ideal place to install solar panels because these cells do not need constant direct sunlight to work. You need some light, but the day can be cloudy or overcast. Panels even work in winter. It is best if you optimise the amount of sunlight the panels receive so you can generate as much power as possible. For this reason the panels are best situated on a roof that has a south-facing aspect. Any roof is a good roof, providing it is not fully in the shade. If there are obstructions like trees that cast shadow on the roof, see if you can get them removed. It helps if you discuss the placement of panels with an installer before you make any decisions so you can find out how to get the best from the system – and what size system is good for your needs.

The cost of solar panels depends on the size of the solar panel system you install, and other issues such as the ease of installation. It is a good idea to check out a range of prices on a comparison site like solarquotecompare.co.uk so you get a better idea of what you should expect to pay. Prices are coming down all the time so now is a good moment to look at installing solar.



Post time: 05-15-2017