How To Make Solar Panels – Step By Step Instructions

You can slash your power bill by half, if you follow our step by step guideline to build your own solar cells. Making solar panel at home is very easy and inexpensive. You can gain power for many utilities, such as refrigerator, washing machine, computer, TV and light bulbs. To have successfully build, you need to implement exactly in each phase.

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Where do I start?

Before you build your own solar cells, you have to collect the items listed below to:

1. First, you must have 12-volt or better, 16-volt solar cells. You can comfortably with them for about $ 100 from a country situated close shop.

2. Next, you need a battery. It is recommended that you buy a battery, because it is not too expensive, and it can be easily recharged.

3. For security purposes, you must have a battery box. You can get it from any electronic store. Remember, a battery box is important because it will cover up any exposed terminals.

4. You need a DC input and a DC battery voltage meters.

5. If you then run AC appliances, you are an AC inverter power device need. An AC inverter device, the stored energy in battery-DC conversion to AC power.

==>Get Best Make Solar Panel and Make Wind Turbine Guide<==

6. Some lines for the production of compounds.

How do I start?

To build the solar panel, you will need the following steps:

1. Appear, especially in connection to the DC input and testers to the top of the battery. You can use a drill to measure the DC and DC meters.

2. Carefully add the DC meter to the terminals on your battery. Be sure to add the first row of the first negative pole.

3. Now connect the DC input to the battery by the first negative pole.

4. At the end of the solar panel you should check the battery.

5. Now cover the whole thing.

6. Place solar panel in the sun. Remember, it takes 5 to 8 hours on an empty battery and load 1 to 3 hours to recharge a weak battery.

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==>Get Best Make Solar Panel and Make Wind Turbine Guide<==

Post time: 04-29-2017