How To Win A Street Fight

Most people don’t look for confrontation. When walking down the street, usually a fight is the farthest thing from their intentions. Despite this, there are often times when you’re presented with that very situation. Now, how do you win a street fight?

The first thing to know is that they’re not going to fight fair. They’re going to use every advantage they can. After all, they don’t want to get hurt themselves, and so they’re going to pick a target that is the least threatening.

With this basic assumption in mind, your opponent is going to be predictable. They’re either going to be armed, larger than you, outnumber you, or are going to have the element of surprise. Chances are, they will use a combination of these tactics.

What you need is a collection of counter-tactics. Most weapons work best if there’s a little distance between you and the other guy. If you can close the gap between you, the attacker’s weapons are far less effective. This leads you into the next problem: Size.

Everyone has soft spots, and many of them are universal. You just have to know where those spots are, and get at them faster than they can react. The great thing about this is that usually, the larger they are, the slower they are. Also, there are certain other ways to use your opponent’s size and momentum against them.

If you’re outnumbered, and there’s no way out, the tricks against one opponent can make an opening for your escape. It can, at least, move you into a position where you’re not surrounded. Also, the faster you can take one down, the more you can take down when the chips are seriously down.

The element of surprise is possibly the easiest to deal with. If you are grappled first, you are already in close enough to take advantage of weak spots. No matter how big the person is, you can bring your attacker to his knees by twisting his finger. No man can stand for very long after being kicked in the groin.

These are only the ideas behind winning a street fight. Before trying any of them, you should learn a system of using them.

Post time: 06-08-2017