LED Lighting Industry Chain Will Grow Perfect in Crisis

As governments around the world in green energy-saving environmental protection reached a consensus on the future with green energy-related industries brightest prospects. At present, despite the global economic crisis has no clear sign of abating, but the Chinese government’s encouragement, the Chinese LED lighting industry is rapidly taking heat, called in 2009 for the LED lighting the first year, the Chinese LED lighting industry chain will be in this economic crisis rapid growth and improvement.

First, the government vigorously promote LED lighting industry.Looking at the global market, government subsidies to promote industrial development in Examples abound, such as solar power in Germany spread to every family is a good example of success. Today our government’s 21 City 10 000 LED lights plan is one in the sub-prime crisis to stimulate domestic demand and expansion of the world’s largest market, a good way! In 2009 the Chinese government to stimulate domestic demand to carry out “10 City 10 000″ LED lighting and energy saving popular sports, and today has a clear LED in 21 cities to develop according to each towns to more than 10,000 LED lights, street lamps and 24 hours of continuous country use The tunnel lights became the focus of the first replacement project, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen Metro has started universal LED fluorescent lamp energy saving projects.

Therefore, the LED lighting market is further expanded and spread to the world to bring LED lighting industry, technology and production capacity to the depth of the development of high technology, created a number of emerging LED lighting industry chain enterprises, create new employment opportunities.So far the central government has made it clear there are 21 major cities nationwide to enter “10 City 10 000″ program, which will drive the rapid development of China’s LED lighting industry, LED industry in our country, the middle and lower reaches of the rapid expansion of domestic demand growth to LED lighting technology industry chain have access to all relevant practical application of quality improvement and new development so that people across the country can have on the personal experience of LED lighting knowledge, help a few years LED lighting into the 1000 million Massive demand for users, enabling China to become the world’s largest production base for LED lighting, the same time, China is the largest market for LED lighting.

This effect will continue five or ten years, until the birth of the next generation lighting technology. Currently in South China, East China, North China has seen vigorous development of LED lighting industry, allows us to see the spring, LED green lighting as six or seven o’clock in the morning sun rising.In the “City 10000 10″ schemes, there is a LED components must meet the provisions of 6 percent, which is a good measure, we should work to have a responsibility to vigorously improve the LED lighting system, localization rate, we should encourage China’s national enterprises, and our engineers strive to LED lighting, LED driver IC, modern style lamps, optical design, thermal systems. . .

Have achieved world-class level. Taiwan’s LED industry, technology has been taking the forefront in the world, so we should be made in the domestic concept of Greater China, should include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao products and technologies in three areas. Domestic enterprises should actively introduce advanced Western and Japanese LED technology, and should promote more use of domestic products, particularly Taiwan, Hong Kong technologically advanced LED-related products, as far as possible use of our resources, spare parts, as far as products to improve localization rate, Chinese-made LED lighting contribute more to global marketing.

Second, the subprime crisis have an impact on the LED lighting industry? Sub-prime crisis on the impact of LED lighting industry is not large, because the global LED lighting industry and are just step into Kai, LED lighting is still further perfected various techniques, LED lighting lamps and lanterns have not yet entered high-volume production stage, LED light source also working to improve the brightness, LED constant current driver IC are also working to improve accuracy and expand the range of input voltage, LED lighting system design are also working to address the efficiency of heat and light. . .

The Chinese government is promoting the 21 city 10 000 LED lights project will certainly lead the LED lighting industry chain of China’s development, China’s LED lighting technology will be to the world summit, creating a large number of LED lighting industry chain enterprises, expansion of employment, there China’s electronics industry will help bring out the shadow of the financial crisis. LED green lighting the mass market and a steady increase in demand will trigger a few years, the consumer electronics market, has a super-tsunami!

Post time: 05-11-2017