Off Grid Truck camper: wind storm blew up my canopy. Solar panels, lets go for a walk.

Please watch: “Off Grid Truck camper wild Bore or was it Mountain Lion. Special upload”


Another wind storm came through the camp, causing my canopy to come apart. blowing things panels are working great never run out of battery power so far. 5 panels and 4 golf cart batteries seems to be just what i needed. and just wanted to go for walk, been inside long enough so. there are some really nice tent sites around this area.

RVing and boondocking off grid in my solar powered Truck Camper. Living free with no rent or utilities bills. Videos of life in a truck . Using solar panels for off grid living maintaining Batteries. How i handle situations as they come up like, security, fighting boredom and keeping my RV maintained on the road.But mostly to have a great time and a few laughs along the way.

Short Camp Fire stories. Do Native spirits appear to us as Ghosts? Do they still Haunt the old villages of the past? Spirit Guides. Also staring, Lilly the traveling meow

Post time: 05-27-2017