plies – street light with lyrics

[Chorus: x2]

Shawty you hotter than a street light

You wanna get did right

You wanna get on it

I wanna know what’s makin you want it

[Verse 1:]

She never seen me a day in her life

All she know my money look rite

Young street **** sippin on yak

Yeah she see da swag

Plus she see the ice sittin in da chevy listenin to pipe

Passenger seat open, room for a wife

Niggas wish fo it, but this is my life

She walk real stank dats wat I like

Jeans stickin to her, **** look right

She get in this whip ain’t no cumin back

Cause I’m pretty sure

I got what you like

I can’t even front you hotter than the street light

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]

She say she don’t **** with broke niggas

I told her me too

My money been straight what about you

Cause if you broke I don’t need to **** with you

**** never I make dreams come true

You say your man at work baby what he do

He answer phones for a livin ain’t that cute

I’m in the streets with a nine and he wearin suits

Before he **** you do he finger you n eat you, you got da potential of

Being my boo and bout 30 minutes I can get you loose make you nut

Twice before I shoot

You hotta than the street light to tell you da truth

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Sean Garrett talking]

So many nights you would call me and beg me to **** on over there

But you know that your ****’s at home n it’s gonna be some **** if I appear

You know there ain’t no fears

So come on baby be foreal

If I show him what I carry on

He gon start puttin on and imma have to take it down

As soon as da street lights come on

Imma come get ya

As soon as da street lights…

Imma come see ya…

As soon as…

Imma come get ya, get ya

As soon as…

Imma come see ya, see ya

[Chorus x2:]


Post time: 05-12-2017