Remote Control Portable Traffic Lights –

The TS Remote Controlled Traffic Light is a fully standalone unit and does not require a mains power source or generator. Powered by a high capacity 12v rechargeable battery, the TS RTL is designed to run for 24hrs a day for 7 days before a re-charge is required. It is completely man portable and can be easily moved around any site.

The system is operated by a hand held remote control unit with a range of 1km*. Each time the remote control button is pressed the light will switch from red to green for a preset time which is adjustable from 2 sec. to 2 min.

Originally designed to control traffic flow on landfill and quarry sites but can be used in almost any application. Please see the various configuration options below.

Features (standard configuration)

1Km remote control.
160hr operation before recharge.
Built-in rapid charger.
Ultra Bright LED Lamps give 1000′s of hours of operation and can be clearly seen atn over 1Km.
Silent operation, no need for external power source or noisy generator.
Heavy duty all steel construction.
Fully man portable fitted with wheels and carry handles
Collapsible stand allows unit to be loaded into a small van or trailer.
Lockable base unit to prevent access and theft.
High Visibility weather resistant coating.
Built in battery charger with charge indicator.
5 mtr mains lead for charging.
Optional tow trailer.

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Configuration Options

Remote control switching with timer – When remote button is pressed the light switches to green for pre-set duration.
Remote control switched without timer – When remote button is pressed the light switches to green. When pressed again it switches to red.
No remote, timed switching – When the unit is switched on it automatically switches from red to green for a pre-set duration and with continue to repeat this while the unit is switched on.

Units can also be supplied in pairs in any of the above configurations for two way traffic control.

Two Way Configuration options

Sensor priority triggered – Units will give priority in one direction unit the master unit senses the presence of a waiting vehicle. Then after a pre-set duration the priority with change.

Traffic light heads can be supplied in standard RED/GREEN, RED/AMBER/GREEN or special character.

We can also offer various other options. See below.


Fixed Traffic light Installations.
Fixed and Portable traffic light crossings.
Loading bay signals

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