(:Review:) Semi-Flexible 100Watt Solar Panel for Boats, RV’s, Car Camping & Boondocking

Get This Flexible Solar Panel on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ET1LR6Q/?tag=flexible-solar-20

I have used and installed quite a few standard frame mounted solar panels. I was kind of skeptical about this one, mainly in terms of longevity. Now that I have used and tested it though, I am quite impressed. This semi-flexible solar panel from GreeSonic is solid product with great output.

~Ideal Applications~
+ Boats/Marine Environments with High Moisture
+ RVs
+Camping or Boondocking (Burning Man, Music Festivals, Car Camping, etc…)

~Test Setup~
Rather than try to tie this thing into my existing solar setup on my RV, I figured I would test it without a charge controller to see just how much power it can put out on the go.
+ 12V Electronic Peltier Element Cooler (made by Coleman) – Result:Easily powers it at well as a vehicle.
+ Smaller 12V Electronic Peltier Element Cooler (made by Koolatron) – Result:Easily powers it at well as a vehicle.
+ 5 Meter Strip of SMD LED Lights (Normally Powered by a 5A Power Supply) – Result: Easily powered them in shaded sun
+ 12V Power Inverter (400Watt) – Result: I was able to power low amp devices
+ 12V charging my Li-Po Jump Starter – Result: Easily

Conclusion: This thing will easily power most 12V loads. Anything with a charging circuit or something that is designed to take a lot of amps (like a tire inflator or my 12V coolers) can be directly powered by this thing. Anything requiring a regulated voltage, you will want to run from a battery connected with a charge controller. Check my other videos for charge controller recommendations. With a cheap charge controller, you could easily use this with even just a normal car battery for extra charging and power to tap off, but you will get the most benefit from a good set of AGM or deep cycle batteries.

I fully recommend this for any boater, RVer, car camper or boondocker.

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Post time: 08-23-2017