SavWatt USA, Inc. (PINK: LDVK) is a Solvent Stock

SavWatt USA, Inc. (PINK: LDVK) is looking to capitalize on the largely unaddressed commercial and consumer market for energy-efficient LED lighting and become the leading producer of energy-efficient bulbs in the next three to five years.

We believe this putsLDVK in a unique position in a market expected to exceed $1.5 billion by 2012.

LDVK‘s market is primed for growth, especially because the use of incandescent light bulbs will be phased out and banned by 2014. In fact, the move towards energy efficient lighting is so strong that General Electric recently closed the doors to its last incandescent bulb factory.

The push to make all light bulbs 25% to 35% more efficient in the next few years will yield a savings of $40 billion in the next two decades, and result in 14 fewer coal burning power plants and 51 million fewer tons of carbon emissions each year.

Why else could LDVKbe a bright idea?

LDVK plans on investing in product and corporate marketing, public relations and advertising to establish a brand and set itself apart from its competition.

With a range of products capable of providing 2,300 to 17,300 lumens, LDVK‘s lighting solutions can be used for highways, car dealerships, hospitals, shopping centers, bridges, and pretty much any municipal, industrial or commercial application where energy-efficiency and cost savings is desired.

LDVK lighting solutions have the ability to cut costs by as much as 70%, which means a much quicker return on investment for their customers.

People are taking notice. LDVK is already a registered supplier/vendor with the New York Power Authority, Dominion Power, Duke Energy, American Electric Power and several others.LDVK has also established relationships with municipalities in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Additionally, LDVKhas exclusive marketing rights to sell LED street lighting for Unilumin, a leading manufacturer of LED display and LED lighting.

Most recently, LDVK announced production of the Eco-Pole, a 60 watt LED light powered by a patent-pending wind turbine and solar panel technology, which can replace street and parking lot lighting anywhere without the need for electricity and related installation. Compared to traditional 250 watt metal halide lights, end users can save 100% on energy costs and electric maintenance, and reduce environmental pollution at the same time.

LDVKhas been working on the Eco-Pole for several months, and is in the process of registering the product with UL, ETL, FCC, Energy Star and the U.S. Departments of Energy and Transportation with the goal to ship these units in 2011, particularly because “Demand for these units has been overwhelming.”

With some bright ideas, and an incredibly low float, we believe LDVKhas the potential to light up trading screens in the near future.

Disclaimer: <p>Solvent Stocks LLC has been compensated $3,500 by a third party (Mina Mar Marketing Group) to provide communication services for SavWatt USA, Inc. (LDVK). Solvent Stocks LLC holds no position.</p>

Post time: 04-10-2017