Significance of Vastu Tips: A Quick Look


The term home is used to denote interiors of the house or to be precise it is the space enclosed by the outer walls. These directions are Northeast, east, South-east, South, South-west, West, North-west and North. To enhance the beauty of your home as per the Vastu Shastra for a home, you need to follow certain tips. Such is the importance of vastu that today, even the sale/renting of the property depends on whether the house is designed as per the Vastu tips or not.

What is Vastu?

There are many people who are not familiar Vastu. Vastu Shastra is also referred as “Science of Construction” is actually a traditional Hindu system of designing that is based on how your homes are aligned. Vastu Shastra for Home is its significant aspect which focuses on the beautification of your homes with idols, artifacts and paintings. The main focus remains on the attraction of the entrance by making use of Vastu tips.

Why Vastu Tips are So Important?

  • Mainly, Vastu is based on a concept and that is all the living and the non-living things have souls and that souls react to all the magnetic forces which cover the Earth. Vastu Shastra is considered to be a vital element involved in the Indian architecture and it is due to this that people want to build their homes as per the Vastu tips. Therefore, when they follow the Vastu principles, they believe that they can stay at a perfect peace with the cosmic energies which can affect their lives in a positive way.

  • There are many people who prefer to build their homes as per Vastu tips because this brings an important balance amidst the natural energies that include solar energy, lunar energy, cosmic energy and much more. Primarily, Vastu for home focuses on bringing positive energies into your houses through the use of various Vastu for home tips. A house built on the principles of Vastu brings peace, happiness and prosperity.

  • Vastu for homes put emphasis on only one fact and that is all the four directions should have more or less similar impact as the layout is designed keeping in mind the principles of Vastu. Designing the layout for the house become convenient when the plot is in the North and East direction.

  • The bedroom should always be faced either in the West or South directions. When a plot faces South, there can be issues with the peace and harmony of the household.

  • There are a lot more things like brooms should not be kept in the upright positions or beneath the staircase. There should be no clutter of things in the household.

  • The central slot or the Bramasthala should be left vacant and absolutely clean. This will ensure free movements, provides the requisite ventilation and good for your health.

  • The south direction is suitable for bed rooms, for the staircase. On the other hand, Southwest is suitable for the Master bedroom. The west is suited for children’s bedroom, study room or overhead water tank.

Post time: 08-25-2017