Solar Powered Northport Tiny House & The Little Leaf Tiny House (220 Sq Ft)

This charming 265 sq ft tiny house on wheels is currently available for sale in Northport, Alabama.

The is built with eco-friendly elements such as solar panels, double-paned windows to keep the home insulated, and Energy Star compliant appliances.

The home’s layout includes a kitchen with granite countertops, a bathroom with a tiled shower, a living room, and loft bedroom. You can also add and/or customize various options throughout the home.

The home is currently listed for sale at $57,500.

Images © Chuck Jay

The Little Leaf is am owner-designed tiny house on wheels, and currently available for sale!

The home has a beautiful design, both inside and outside of the home. Its 220 sq ft of space includes a full kitchen, bathroom, two loft spaces, and plenty of storage. There’s also a dining room that can also be used as a work space, and even transforms into a third sleeping space!

The home is currently in Bloomington, Indiana, and offered for sale at $40,000.

Images © Little Leaf Project

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Post time: 04-25-2017