Street Light – Ignorance Is Bliss (@StreetLight)

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LYRICS: Smile at him while we sit. I’mma drop him when I’m content with the knowledge I’m bout to get. We surrounded by my accomplices. Ready to pop the clips. When they fire off from the hip. I’mma duck and hop in the whip. Hope my consciousness doesn’t slip.

But my conscience is such a trip. If I speak about this. Police gone be watching, so let me silence my lips. Like I just did my 4/5th. And if they get me to be inside of these cases in court. All Imma plead is the 5th. Even though, I wrote the script.

I don’t care. I’m just so pissed. Let me revert to the perfect way to make sure that I personally make his shirt turn burgundy. When I fire these 6. Shots. No surgery. Big and Pac encouraged me. This is why. I’m certainly not. going to purgatory. Hellbound if they murder me. Hell nah, observe or be locked down in observatories. . . . . cuz ignorance is bliss. . . .

Not knowing where I’m going in this life. I guess death’s best by the trigger or the knife. . .

I’d rather be called a fool, than be caught off guard with no tool. So I carried this strap in case I met face to face with this dude. We surrounded by all his goons. And I see him smile in my face, but I know as soon as I move, he gone try to split me in two.

It’s okay. He asking questions. I nod and barely address them. We barely seconds from pulling out gats in every direction. He’s probably planning to put a bullet between my eyes. And dip out while he crouches. I see the getaway car outside.

I know that if I let him draw, I’mma fall and then hit the canvas. And any witnesses that he leaves living won’t have an answer. I reach for my weapon quick, pull the trigger twice at his glasses. I’m sure he’s dead, he should wipe himself off. I hand him a napkin.

To be continued. . . .or not.

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Post time: 04-21-2017