Streetlight Manifesto – The Little Things (The Hands That Thieve Tour 2012)

This performance is from Streetlight Manifesto’s first stop on The Hands That Thieve tour.

Phoenix Concert Theatre,
Toronto Ontario, Canada
October 16th 2012

New song from the album The Hands That Thieve (I’ve seen a proposed set list for the show and seen this song referred to as Never Be Afraid. Although I’m highly skeptical that this is the official name of the song. Just better then referring to it as New Song #?). What you hear at the start is the band warning fans that this is roughly their 16th time playing the song ever. First time performing it for a concert.

Apologies for the video and sound if it isn’t to your standards, just filmed with a snapshot style camera that fit in my pocket; Keep in mind there is shaky-ness due to the fact that it crowded with pushing bodies everywhere and the camera is being lifted above peoples heads.

Filmed with a Sony Cyber-shot 14.1 mega pixel.
Set List included;

1. Everything Went Numb
2. We Will Fall Together
3. Three of Us (New Song – Played at Warped Tour)
4. Down Down Down to Mephisto’s Cafe
5. The Little Things (New Song)
6. 40 Days
7. Hey (Suicides Machine cover)
8. Here’s to Life
9. Watch it Crash
10. A Moment of Silence
11. A Moment of Violence
12. Would You Be Impressed?
13. Oh Me (New song)
14. Point, Counter Point/Keasby Nights

15. Somewhere in the Between

Clearly the music is not my own, I don’t claim any sort of copyrights to the music. Simply sharing a live performance with other fans of the band.

Post time: 05-05-2017