The colors of cop lights

After LED jumped into the world of illumination, the idea of lighting has been redefined. Users have the freedom today to have any light intensity that they require and any type of color that they need. The blacking out of a light has also been made easy by the advent of LED because the technology is extremely suitable to making low profile lights that are practically invisible. All these have revolutionized cop lights and its functionalities.

However cop lights colors have not undergone too many changes over the years. Mainly because the world over, a few standard colors have been used in emergency vehicles, color patterns have not changed because of the availability of more colors. So the colors of cop lights continue to be mainly red, blue, amber, and white.

Red is the predominant color found in cop lights in USA. It is a sign of emergency and is generally accompanied by a siren. Other vehicles have to give way and let the vehicle proceed when a police vehicle is coming with a red light. In countries like New Zealand, Japan, Canada, and Hong Kong, red is a predominant color in cop lights though in Hong Kong and Canada police use a lot of blue as well.

As different from this, red finds limited use in cop lights in the UK. Emergency vehicle lights are mainly blue there with a combination of white flashing headlights. Flashing red lights are comparatively restricted in UK though rear-facing red lights are sometimes used to indicate that a vehicle is stationary. In the whole of Europe also emergency vehicle lights are predominantly blue, though countries like Germany, Sweden, Finland etc., use forward looking red cop lights to convey to a driver to stop. In Australia also cop lights are mainly blue.

Blue is used a lot in the cop lights of USA as well but it is used to convey to another vehicle to stop and pull over. Or it may just be used to signify arrival to a waiting crowd. Red and blue are used in USA in other emergency vehicles like that of volunteer firefighters and EMTs either as full warning lights or as courtesy lights. The rules on this vary substantially from state to state. Blue is a color used in handheld cop lights especially during night investigations because blue color has the ability to highlight bloodstains.

In cop lights amber is often used in parked vehicles to caution or advise other vehicles that there is a problem in the area. Besides that, amber is used in police vehicles in a set of traffic control lights known as an arrow stick. The stick is generally situated behind the main light bar as a group of 6 or 8 lights. The lights face backward and flash sequentially, directing other vehicles in different directions.

White find limited use on police vehicles though it is used a lot in handheld cop lights, adjusted to differing intensities as required. Ultra violet lights are also used by police at a crime investigation scene since these lights have the ability to highlight body discharges like sweat, saliva, urine etc.

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Post time: 06-12-2017