Traffic Light System – Electronic Design Project

This is a project done for a 3rd year Electronic Engineering course. It was the design of a traffic light system for a main road (East-West) with a right turn arrow, and a side road with a pedestrian crossing.

The design was split into three parts which were the design of a 5V power supply, the design of the digital and timing circuit and the design of a lighting control circuit. The lighting control circuit was used to drive 10 LED’s from the digital circuit. In addition to this, it was used to drive AC Lamps for the EW Intersection. A light sensor was used to run the lamps at 60% power during the night (power saving mode).

No microcontrollers were allowed for the design. The digital circuit consists of 6 Integrated circuits (timer, counter, decoder, logic gates). The Power supply has one op-amp IC, and the lighting control consists of another 6 Integrated circuits (op-amp, gates, timers and optoisolators).

Sorry for the bad video quality, not much I could do with my phone camera…

Post time: 05-12-2017