Traffic light with red/yellow pedestrian phase

Some of the intersections in Brockton have the traffic signals set up with a simple phase for pedestrians in which all of the signals have red and yellow on at the same time. This is used as a signal to allow pedestrians to cross the street. This can only be found in the state of Massachusetts, and is becoming increasingly rare (due to it being outlawed from new installations, and existing ones slowly getting “real” pedestrian signals installed. (The one next over had the traffic lights redone, and had countdown pedestrian signals installed to replace the old red/yellow phase.)
This one does the red/yellow phase automatically during each full traffic light cycle, but some intersections have it activated via pushbutton, as if it were a regular pedestrian signal (I think this intersection should have pushbuttons installed so it doesn’t do this red/yellow phase all the time.)
This intersection used to have incandescent 8-inch signals, but during the big LED upgrade in 2003, they installed GE LED units in the housings.

Post time: 05-22-2017