Vertical wind turbine shelter lighting

Vertical wind turbine shelter lighting power system:
We completed for the CVC, Yamba, Pippie Beach a custom toilet stand alone wind powered lighting system: custom stainless steel Vertical Wind powered generation system, mounted on North front corner of building roof.
Inside each toilet has a Infrared people movement sensor on a 12min timer to turn on the high power 4watt SP LED SG IP65 LED lights, as a person enters the building, after the 12min period, any additional people movement, will trigger the lights to turn back on.
Outside there are two 1watt SP LED SG IP65 LED lights on all the time, during the night, and located near the toilet doorway entrances, these light operate from dusk till dawn.
The system is designed as standalone, using the wind only for power production to run the complete lighting system. Located at the back of the toilet block, is a 125amp hour Gel battery and Hybrid wind/solar controller enclosed in a water proof custom stainless steel enclosure, this stores the energy used by the LED lighting system, for use at night and for times when there is no wind.

The vertical wind turbine, is designed to start charging power in very low wind speeds ( 3m per second of wind), to be ultra quiet, and not effect wild life, like birds with our unique vertical bade system.
The maximum rotation is designed slow 30rpm, in all conditions.
In the event of high wind storm conditions, the turbine will automatically shutdown.
Our unique SP power generation system, is 3 phase and brushless, has magnetic float bearings, uses magnetic induction for power generation and is rated for 500w of power output. The long life of the SP wind generator unit is 20 years. product philosophy – powered by Savepower innovative design, proven technology and field testing:
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Post time: 05-08-2017