Virtue-6 Linear LED Traffic Advisor Light Bar Flash Patterns

Product Page:

The Virtue-6 Linear LED Directional Light Bar is a powerful LED traffic advisor light bar that offers multiple features including optional amber multicolor functionality and 30 available flash patterns in flash mode controlled from the STL Direct II Control Box. Its memory functionality quickly recalls the last pattern used, so you can quickly access your preferred flash patterns with the push of a button.

This unit comes with intense magnifying optics to enhance the flash of each LED built in along with left, right and center out capability for the traffic advising patterns using the powerful linear optics. With 36 to 72 Generation IV LEDs with 18-36 watts per module, this SpeedTech Lights LED traffic advisor lightbar will blow your mind with how bright and intense the flash output provides.

Offering a variety of ways to mount the product, installation will never be a problem again. Use the suction cups, L brackets, headliner brackets or other options to mount the light bar to the front, rear or exterior of the vehicle (if waterproofed) for a variety of applications.


-Powered by 12V
-Patented LED Eclipse Optic Technology – Linear Optics
-36-72 Total Generation IV 3-watt LEDs
-Optional MultiColor Amber Traffic Advisor Functionality
-30 available flash patterns in flash mode
-5 availble directional flash patterns
-Directions: right, left, and center out
-Sleek, durable casing
-Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern
-Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
-Optional Direct II Control Box
-Variety of mounting bracket options available
-Optional windshield reflector
-Includes 10 amp auxiliary cable for alternate lighting during Flash Mode
-Includes 12 feet of cable to switch box, 1.5 feet of power cable, and 8 feet of auxiliary cable
-Includes cigarette plug (only when purchased with Switch Box)
-Dimensions: 25.6″ L x 1.6″ H x 2.2″ D
-7 day money back guarantee*
-ALL INCLUSIVE 5 Year Warranty on LEDs & Components*
*See Terms and Conditions


Post time: 06-13-2017