Waterproofing solar firefly globe lights. (And others.)

Solar garden lights ALWAYS get water in them. Even if quite well shielded against direct water ingress, the natural thermal expansion and contraction of the air inside will pull water in through any slight gap (even at molecular level). Once the water is in it will then repeatedly evaporate and condense as the temperature varies, and this will ensure it reaches all the delicate bits to corrode them.
This same water ingress effect is the bane of outdoor electrical equipment where water will even find its way in through cables. In the case of solar garden lights it’s a significant issue due to the presence of close DC connections on the PCBs as the moisture will cause rapid electrolytic corrosion.
The firefly lights I’m repairing here seem to suffer the common fate of letting water in via the solar panel. But that is easily fixed. And the same techniques can be used on many other lights to protect them before they have even experienced their first drop of rain.

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Post time: 06-04-2017