Surprises in dismantling a sodium streetlight!

generally enjoyable how investigate can direct you to do some weird points. In this situation having apart a high pressure sodium bulb.

The cesium issue was a real shock. I realized it was generally utilised as a ‘getter’ in high vacuum programs, but didnt actually even know for specific if these bulbs worked on vacuum or argon environment. Im guessing it should be vacuum, else it would explode with the central component at ~ 600C.

Unhappy observe… the alumina tube cracked shortly soon after producing this…. but no large deal…. I consider I know what I have to do to get a genuine awesome spectra of this fuel!

Just some random enjoyable, so I wont be including it to the Patreon supported feed. But quite a few thx to all those people who help this channel that way!

Indlæg tid: 2016/02/22