14 Worst As Seen On TV Products

14 late night television shopping informercial itmes where you can get the worst and most bizarre products like the Kush support.

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7. GLH
Any guys out there starting to notice a little male pattern baldness? Don’t want to wear a silly toupee that can fall off? All you really need to do is basically grab a can of spray paint and get to work! This product covers up that pesky bald spot that’s been keeping you from getting a date with your secretary! It comes in 9 different colors and supposedly enhances the hair you already have. Ladies, if you got an embarrassing bald spot going on too, this the product for you! This guy here, claims the babes are back, and it’s difficult to see why they wouldn’t be.

6. Head On
Apply directly to the forehead. Head on. Apply directly to the forehead. If you remember seeing this infomercial, it’s very possible that your brain turned into some type jelly like goo. When the infomercial came out in 2006, it gained widespread criticism. The topical product apparently relieved headaches, so they probably wanted you to get a head watching their commercials so you’d have to get their product! They say the same line 3 times! What kind of commercial director would think of this type of torture. There’s even a video out there on youtube where the commercial goes on for 10 hours! Watch at your own risk!

5. Kush Support
Ladies, are you getting tired of your mammary glands sticking together at night when you’re trying to sleep? Are you getting tired from countless hours of much needed rest? Sleep deprivation can lead to horrific side effects like muscle and joint pain, stress, heart disease and high blood pressure. Why take take the chance, and get one of these kush supporters that’ll keep you looking in proper form. Just slip this product between the lady lumps and get yourself a good night’s sleep. No straps, wires, adhesive or anything like that is needed. This thing stays in place even while you’re moving around at night.

4. Wearable Towel
Don’t have time to wrap a towel around yourself anymore? Don’t you wish towels were just a little more fashionable The wearable towel is not only functional but it could actually be better looking than a toga. You wear it in so many different ways that you might not go back to normal clothes again! This seems like it would be from the makers of the snuggie! If you really don’t want to scrub yourself dry and use up all that energy in the morning, just throw on the wearable towel and let it do that hard work for you! Does this not seem like the perfect thing to wear at the pool?

3. Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask
Wish you can become beautiful without having to do any work and want to look like the killer from the Friday the 13th film? Don’t want to risk the money on face lifts and makeup? The rejuvenique electric facial mask has you covered. The infomercial claims it’s like doing sit ups but for your face! Electricity runs through the mask and somehow exercises your face. Butcher knife not included.

2. The Facial Flex
Instead of putting on a mask to exercise your face, this one here looks like it actually requires moving your face. But in the end, it looks like some type of torture device, used by a dentist or something. The facial flex goes between your lips, and stretches out your mouth, then you close it using your facial muscles. In the infomercial, it looks downright creepy and if you really want to try this, behind closed doors where no one can see you.

1.Shake Weight
Some one probably came up with the shake weight thinking, “hmm Americans will buy just about anything, if they think it’ll keep them in shape, even if it makes them look like an idiot”! You most likely remember watching this and thought it was a complete joke right? Any way they hold the shake weight, it seemed to look slightly dirty. This product as seen on TV was spoofed by many, including SNL, South Park and Jimmy Kimmel. Just go to the gym instead of buying this people

Post time: 05-26-2017