Fire Burning Portable Hot Tub

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If you are looking for a Off Grid way to bath in style, then consider a Fire Burning Top Tub.

This is a Round, Fire Burning, Portable, Outdoor Fiberglass Soaking Tub.
What makes this wood burning unique is, it doesn’t need to be plugged in, or connected to any drain system.

You just need to Fill the tub with water, from your garden hose, and light a fire in the pit.
It has a filling capacity of 2 hundred gallons of water.
The water is pushed, through the metal coils, which suround a wire basket, where wood is housed.

The stainless steel, wind screen panel attaches to the crome pips, to keep you safe from the fire flames while soaking in the tub.
It includes a clear top cover with crome handles.

This in one of those essential luxuries that your family should looking into if considering an off-grid lifestyle!

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Post time: 04-14-2017