Heat pipe heat sink LED street light

Heat pipe heat sink street light,Heat pipe heat sink module LED lights
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Heat sink module for Power LED lights,for LED street lights,for LED flood lights, IGBT, CPU, Equipment,Module heat sink with Copper and heat pipe for CPU,Customised high power module aluminum heat sink with and heat pipe,Thermal components aluminum heat sink module with heat pipes,Soldering heat pipe heat sink for led and computer

Process capability:
Extrusion-Aluminum alloy and copper alloy extrusion production;
CNC-Drilling; Milling; Turning; Deep Hole Drilling; Honing; Screw Machining
Stamping-Numerical Control Turret Punching, progressive punching. Precision punching
Die-casting-all kinds of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die casting
Soldering-Reflow Oven, soldering for Thermal Module heat sink
Forge-Pin heatsink for chipset
Surface finish-Anodize; Sandblasting, Plated Nickel
Assembly-Assembly PAD or grease, hardware, packaging.

LED lights,LED street lights,LED flood lights,Automobile,Games,Communications,Electronic devices,Aircraft,watercraft,Optical devices,Medical devices,Photographic devices

Products catagory:
Heat pipe Soldering heat sink,Folded fin heat sink,Skived fin heat sink,Zipper Fin heat sink,VGA Heat sink,Power heat sink,Converter heat sink,Projector heat sink,

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