Improving the Value Proposition for New Products with Dick Braun

October 19, 2011

Dick Braun will describe how Parker Hannifin’s Win Strategy has significantly increased both sales and margins by improved value creation and value capture. Dick will discuss layering in value management pricing strategies on top of Parker’s already robust product and customer segmentation price practices. Learn the concepts of “value triangulation” – whereby the pricing team dynamically adjusts value propositions based on competitive position and customer-specific economics. See how a $12 billion global diversified manufacturer endeavors to deploy a consistent value management approach.

Dick Braun is Corporate Vice President of Strategic Pricing at Parker Hannifin Corporation. Dick’s work was detailed in the Wall Street Journal feature article, “Seeing Perfect Prices, CEO Tears Up the Rules.” Previously, he had a 24-year career at GE. As leader of Parker Hannifin’s pricing program, he significantly contributed to Parker’s earnings growth over the past 7 years.

Post time: 04-28-2017