Maker Camp 2013: Toy Making!

How do you design and make the next generation of toys? Our favorite toy designers talk about their methods and inspiration. And our advanced project is an Arduino toy for your pets.

Makers: Ayah Bdeir, Bettina Chen, Alice Brooks, & Doug Rollins

Maker Camp is a 6-week virtual summer camp for anyone interested in DIY, making, creating, crafting, hacking, tinkering, and discovery. Check out our library of Maker Camp videos right here on YouTube, where you’ll learn about cool projects, meet awesome makers, and go on virtual field trips!

To participate in Maker Camp, just follow +MAKE on Google+:–and then share your projects and ideas on the Google+ Maker Camp Community page.

For more information and to find out when the next Maker Camp season will begin, please sign up at!

Post time: 04-25-2017