PC Products – Pasty Epoxies

Having repair problems? For a quick and easy fix of your household and industrial maintenance problems: PC Products; the permanent solution!

Pasty Epoxies:

PC 7 Heavy duty Pasty Epoxy is our strongest and thickest epoxy. It is excellent for the use of sealing, bonding and filling voids. It bonds to all services except sun plastics.

PC 11 Marine grade white line epoxy paste is your choice for permanent repairs where color is a choice or when bonding to wet surfaces. It allows 30 minutes of work time and has excellent flexibility. PC 11 cures for service over night and bonds for all surfaces except some soft plastics.

PC super epoxy is our quick, magical, all purpose paste epoxy. This translucent formula offers extreme strength and flexibility.

PC Fast & Easy: A translucent self-mixing pasty epoxy is the most flexible epoxy we offer and the most flexible on the market. It bonds to most surfaces, and it is water proof after cure.

PC Concrete: Packaged in a self-mixing cartiged and designed for anchoring and concrete repair. PC concrete is 3 times stronger for concrete.

Hand mold-able epoxies are designed for emergency repairs.

PC product family for wood preservation and restoration products

PC Products are available at SACO Stores in Saudi Arabia.
SACO’s Products: http://bit.ly/HgNLTd


Post time: 05-28-2017