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Products Rating and Review Video Transcription:

Product ratings and product reviews are special features that can only be used on products that are sold online. It is a powerful and effective sales tool that was once only used by big name online retailers, but now small e-commerce businesses are taking advantage of them too as savvy online shoppers expect to see reviews on every online store they visit.

So what exactly makes products ratings and reviews such powerful sales tools? Here are some important statistics, 77% of online shoppers use product ratings and reviews to help make their purchasing decision. 59% of consumers believe that reviews written by real people are much more valuable than those written by so called experts, and 63% of consumers are much more likely to purchase a product if it contains a review.

Besides the fact that customers are more willing to make a purchase through your online store based on good reviews, there are several other advantages. The content on the product page is always kept fresh and updated because of the user generated content. You might unintentionally rank for keywords in search engines that are contained in the reviews. There’s a chance the reviewer will have a similar review on other sites linking back to your online store.

Having a lot of reviews is a form of free word of mouth advertising and you can even use reviews to help analyze which products you should sell more of and which ones to remove from your inventory.

Who doesn’t want rave reviews? It’s one of the best things that can happen to an e-commerce site. But what if you get a couple of bad ones thrown in? It’s most certainly not the end of the world, in fact products with absolutely no bad reviews might even lose credibility, and it helps the potential buyer understand what to expect, resulting in less returns.

What you need is an e-commerce solution that has a built-in product rating and review system that can be set up for any product page. It also needs to be able to run on its own, without having to be managed, and let you choose between manual or automatic approval.

Post time: 04-11-2017