Smart Street light System

The project aims at curbing the power losses in the street lamps during the night time. It is based on the microcontroller ATmega32.

We will be using sensors to detect the vehicles and then switch on the street light till the car passes away. This way we will be able to save lot of electricity

in future will send a information of how long the light is on and this information can be used to know about the city traffic. This way we can monitor the traffic of the city at low cost.


4- Ultrasonic sensors
1- Arduino UNO
16- Lamp

Done by

M.Munusamy || C.Arunkumar || S.Naveenkumar || R.Perumal

III Yr | Diploma in Computer Engineering
S M Arumugam Polytechnic College

Guided By Manikandan.S

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Post time: 06-06-2017