Solar LED Crystal Ball Design Light String! What fun! LMID Solar Lights

So pretty! I love having these little crystal ball lights in my backyard! Solar LED is the way to go!,

I’ve been slowly adding more lights to my patio and backyard, and ADORE solar powered LED lights!! My 8 year old son and I planted a small garden with vegetables, and have a string of fairy lights there. I also have a string of lights on my big patio umbrella. When I received these crystal ball shaped lights, he begged me to put them on his playset. I wouldn’t normally think to put them there, but he’s 8 1/2 and I’m sure we only have a couple more years where he cares about swings and slides. Why not make our backyard more magical and fun? We don’t have any really small children who hang out in our backyard anymore, otherwise, I’d be concerned to have them wrapped around the wooden railing by the slide. We also have a son who’s nearly 11 years old and I haven’t seen him on the play set in months. Unless he has some buddies over and they all decide to play in the backyard, which is rare, he ignores it. I still remember when the boys were 3 and 5 and they were so excited when we built it! Childhood goes by in the blink of an eye!

I supervised my son when he asked to put the lights on by himself. I showed him how to position the solar panel to get the most of our summer sunshine. We were both so pleased to see them lit up so beautifully when the sun went down! They work great!

1) These globe shaped lights are unique like a crystal ball! There are tiny bubbles inside and the color I ordered is a warm golden color. It reminds me of champagne bubbles inside. So cute!
2) I LOVE solar lights! No need to turn them on each night since they turn on automatically.
3) Easy to install (normally, with my other solar LED string lights, I’d use the spike to put the solar panel in the ground, but in this case, I wedged it on the side of the wooden deck on the play set) LOL
NOTE: Press the ON button once and lights will come on automatically. One press is continually on. Press two times for flashing/pulsing lights. Press three times to turn OFF. Just peel off the plastic film covering when you first get them and you’re ready to go!
4) These are waterproof! They can withstand rain and normal weather outdoors. Don’t submerge underwater though (not to use in a pond!)

I only wish they were longer! When you read that they are 15.7 feet long, it sure sounds long enough. However, if you are wrapping them around something like a fence railing or patio umbrella pole, it’s really not very long at all. It’s probably best to string them up lengthwise to get a longer effect. I don’t consider this a negative worthy of taking away a star, because the lights work really well, and are exactly as described. I cannot fault the lighting company for my lack of spacial awareness when visualizing length and product use. LOL

Overall, I am really pleased with these pretty lights. My son is excited because he helped me decorate the backyard and wanted to race outside and play on the swingset when it was dark. So cute! When he’s no longer interested in his play set, and doesn’t care about pretty lights anymore, I’ll just move them over to my patio and string them up there. Right now, I can sit on my patio, and enjoy watching him play. Quality time at home!

You can find these lights on Amazon here:

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LMID Solar Lights LED Landscape Lighting 4.8M 20LED Crystal Ball Patio String Waterproof Christmas Lights Solar Powered light Lamp for Garden, Yard, Home, Christmas Tree, Parties (Warm White)

I was very happy to receive this string of solar LED landscape lights at no cost in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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Post time: 09-19-2017