Solar Panel Kits – Solar Panels Kit – Solar Panel Kits and Solar Panels Kit for Sale and Solar Panel Cost for Solar Installation are available from WindEnergy7 LLC. We are an Ohio based company shipping solar panels worldwide. We sell complete engineered systems to ensure customers success in their installation and operation.

Our systems provide energy security, emergency power, and we can run anything, any size, anywhere, with or without the grid power. Our customers can run their meters backward selling excess power to the utility.!/windenergy7

Solar panels are used extensively in the country where there is no grid energy available. These systems are called Off-Grid solar panel systems. This requires the use of batteries to store the energy for use at night or on long stretches of overcast weather. The energy stored in the batteries leaves the batteries as DC electricity then converted to alternating current (AC) for use with conventional appliances. Much like running your own mini utility company, a customer with one of our off-grid systems has every convenience of someone living in the city.

In the city or suburb, anywhere our customers have utility power, batteries are used with a system that connects right into your home’s main junction box. The system uses all solar panel energy first, the grid as your power source if there’s not enough solar panel energy. These installations are known as grid-tied or grid-interconnected solar panel systems. This version of solar system enables you to sell any excess power you produce back to the utility companies, a process called “net metering”. Your utility company will have a smart meter installed known as a Time of Use Meter, which will actually run backwards when you are producing excess solar panel power. It is wise to keep in mind that Our Grid tied systems provide power to your home even when the grid is down in black-out. Our grid-tied systems with battery back up will continue to produce power during a power outage regardless of whether you have sunshine or not.

Since solar panels create DC power, or direct current, they must be coupled with a solar panel inverter to convert the energy from DC to AC. In a grid tied system this can be done by a large central inverter. Once the power is converted to alternating current and its phase is synchronized with that of the grid, solar panel energy is then tied in to your main junction box, which is ultimately interconnected to the grid.

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Post time: 05-07-2017