Solar Rooftop System | 1.5kW On-Grid Solar System

Very easy steps, to install Solar rooftop system, are here. Just follow them, and you are done with installation.


• 6 Solar Panels (each 250W/24V)
• 1 Junction Box
• 1.5KW Grid Tie Inverter
• Single phase mains supply (220V)
• Net meter (Bi-Directional)
• DC and AC Breaker
• 15 square meters Area (Shadow free)

Installation Steps-

1. Connect solar panel to DC input port via Junction box with DC breaker.
2. Connect Net meter to AC output port with Ac breaker.
3. Connect Mains to net meter and connect load.
4. Switch on DC MCB.
5. Switch on AC MCB.
6. Now, installation is completed.


• Saves electricity bills.
• Works at 98% efficiency
• Work in most extreme weather conditions.
• Sell solar electricity to Government via Net meter.

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