Streetlight Manifesto – Here’s to Life – Live in San Francisco

Streetlight Manifesto – Here’s to Life – San Francisco, Live, 7-21-16, 1st row, Regency Ballroom. The Year With No End Tour 2016. Sold out show!

1. The Three of Us
2. Down, Down, Down to Mephisto’s Café
3. We Will Fall Together
4. A Better Place, A Better Time
5. Hell (Squirrel Nut Zippers cover)
6. Riding the Fourth Wave (Catch 22 cover)
7. Watch It Crash
8. If Only for Memories
9. Toe to Toe
10. The Hands That Thieve
11. With Any Sort of Certainty
12. A Moment of Silence
13. A Moment of Violence
14. Somewhere in the Between

15. Here’s to Life
16. The Big Sleep

Streetlight Manifesto
Dan Potthast
Sycamore Smith

Post time: 05-05-2017