The Best LED Street Light From ACDOB LED Street Lights

By the Best LED street lights are from Acdob LED. Go to http// for the full details.
ACDOB LED is the most futuristic LED street lights worldwide. If you are looking for the most superior LED street lights for you city lights then search no more because you’ve found it.

Why Are ACDOB LED Street Lights The Best?
Our LED street lights are the best because of our most advance technology. We have done what everyone thought was impossible. ACDOBLED has cracked the code to produce the very first LED street light without a Ballast or SMPS driver. This is like a miracle in the industrial LED lighting industry.

What does a LED Street Light without a Ballast means in the industry?
This means our LED street lights are more affordable, more efficient, longer lasting, more efficient lighter in weight, easier to install, lower in maintenance and much more.

Another major factor with our LED street lights is our lens technology.
Unlike other LED street lights we use our Patented optical lens technology. Our street light lens are designed in a specific arrangement and each lens has a specific angle. This design and arrangement dramatically increases the efficiency of our LED light fixtures.

We did not stop there!
In eliminating the Ballast we use our cutting edge technology to make our LED street lights programable. This is a also huge breakthrough. Our LED lights are dimmable.

To get all the specifics about our LED light fixtures go to http//

Currently we manufacture:
LED street lights
LED parking lot lights
LED high bay warehouse lights
LED tunnel lights
LED canopy lights
LED garage lights

Post time: 05-10-2017