Wind Solar Hybrid Street Lighting Project For Nanjing Youth Olympic Games-2014

Solar Wind Hybrid Power-SWHP from Suwin company is a totally green and sustainable electrical generation system with a redictable and low energy cost. The SWHP system has proven success and is widely used in China as well as other countries.
The WSHP System can perfectly supply all the required electricity needs of a normal house and power electronic equipment, hot water heaters, lighting, and sockets effortlessly. The SWHP system is the best power system solution for a small remote space or an island.
Suwin’s self-developed vertical axis wind turbine has perfect design, a simple structure, excellent stability, high wind resistance and low operating costs. It is designed to be working with 360 degree wind and resulted in a double efficiency compares to traditional horizontal axes wind turbine. Also Suwin SWHP system can working from very low wind speed (Working Wind Speed is 1.9m/s).
The wind resistance standard is designed for 12 levels of gales and with its advanced design and speed lock function the running speed is very slow, very safe to wildlife and very environmentally friendly.
Suwin’s SWHP power system solves the reliability problem caused by a lack of sunshine or cloud cover. The system can supply two full days of standard power should weather conditions not permit electricity generation.

Post time: 06-01-2017